Unconscious Eloquence: An Exporation of Textile of the Mother Goddess


"Unconscious Eloquence" is a 27 minute documentary that introduces a textile tradition of the Gujarati culture of Northwestern India and their process and long standing history of tradition has never before been seen in America. "Unconscious Eloquence" is an experience in discovery and embarks the viewer on a journey through the labyrinth of spiritual, and traditional offerings of the Mother Goddess, the textiles of Mata Ni Pachedi--Cloth of the Mother Goddess, the Chitara community and back to a basic form of interaction.


Unconscious Eloquence


"Unconscious Eloquence" was funded by the Kansas City Artists Coalition's L.I.A.E.P. Grant




Narration by Paula Murray Cole


Music courtesy of the following:


ALisa Starkweather

"I belong to myself" and "Invocation to the Mother"


Stephan Mikes

"Medium Rara" and "Midnight"





Kansas City Artists Coalition

Chitara Community

Jocelyn Russell

Kathleen Hall

Paula Murray Cole

ALisa Starkweather

Stephan Mikes






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