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Stubborn Daughter vs. Mama

I recently noticed that my daughter was brushing her hair in my bathroom mirror, which she of course hates when I brush her hair. So I found a great mirror at the thrift store, painted it up something fabulous to match her room. Voilà. She loves it!

So then I’m looking at this great mirror in her closet and thinking, wow, her closet looks horrible. But it’s a closet, who cares?

Well… the designer in me wants all the spaces in our home to be beautiful, soulful, and reflect the personality of the person who uses that room the most.

Fast forward a few weeks and some new colorful paint stains on my clothing and now the closet is rocking some marvelous red, yellow, turquoise colors. My mother also contributed two sharpie wall murals of “Ms. Peacock” and the “5 Gals.”

I love how my stubborn daughter, who hates having her hair brushed, inspired me in such a colorful and fun way. Parenting win!

Have you had a similar parenting and/or decorating victory? If so, please leave a comment below.

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