"Exquisite! This film beautifully captures the essence of the life and work of an

extraordinary woman...eloquent and visually sumptuous"
Reverend Heidi Singh, Pasadena, CA



"Watching 'Creating Buddhas' is a journey--one of beauty, creativity, hope, and inspiration.

My heart felt both full and open from seeing the gorgeous images...what an uplifting experience!"

Marian Farrior, Madison, WI



"Detail, devotion, and delight are words to describe 'Creating Buddhas'."
Susan Eaton Mendenhall, Spatial Impact, DeForest, WI



"Leidenfrost has wonderfully discerned a powerful connection between a current day

artist and ancient practice. One feels intently a deepening in the meaning of

living a committed life to something larger than self."
Don Mendenhall, DeForest, WI



"...a very important cultural function in documenting a rare and fleeting practice."
Stefan Odsene, Art History Ph.D. Madison, WI



"...a great talent... a gifted artist who works hard and with passion."
Professor Mark Milloff, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI



"...remarkably moving and extraordinarily insightful.... (Soulful Media) has a unique

and fine capacity to tell the stories of our complex world and societies."
Jeanan Yasiri, Center for Non Profits, UW-Madison, Madison, WI



"There is much beauty in the film "Unconscious Eloquence".
Professor Desiree Koslin, Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, NY



"...an intimate image of the artistry and lifestyle of a family-art form... this film will

serve as a testament to a traditional art form that may soon be lost to the forces of Indian modernization."
Jeff Cox, Snow Lion Publications, Ithaca, NY



"...graceful, informative, and visually spell-binding documentary."
Barbara Beausoleil, founder, Mothergoddess.com